Designs that Stand Out

The process of sublimation begins with an image that is printed onto special transfer paper.

The images are then transferred onto shirts or other products by a heat press.

The heat press allows the dye to penetrate deep into the garment, creating a permanent image that won’t fade or wash out when washed in a washing machine.

Any garment or object with a polyester base or polyester coating can be designed with the help of sublimation printing. 
With pressure and heat, the dye on the medium sublimates and transforms into a gas. It is then absorbed by the polyester to reflect the design.

High quality sublimation printing won’t fade or crack on the fabric and the printing is very light and doesn’t have a harsh texture.

This technique uses heat sensitive inks, so the print looks bright even after many washes.

Dye sublimation prints are perfect for:

  • Sports uniforms
  • workwear
  • promotional items

Because the printed image doesn’t seal the fabric, it can still breath and allow moisture to evaporate.

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